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Fun Facts...

I love silent, early morning sunrises, especially over the water. 

I believe peaceful solitude and controlled chaos are both essential parts of life.

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches are long as the tomatoes are fresh. There is nothing better!

Everyone should travel outside of their own country. To immerse yourself in other cultures is an education unlike any other. 

Life's an adventure. One with challenges to overcome and triumphs to enjoy. Both are part of a beautiful journey. 

I believe people can change if they choose to.

I believe rainy days are made for snuggling and taking naps.

If I could have everything delivered, I would... I  love new clothes and pretty things, but shopping for them is a chore. I would much rather have someone else pick them out. ​

I believe love is a choice. One we must choose over, and over, and over again. Every day….

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