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Senior Portrait Photoshoot Locations Mobile, AL

Looking for the perfect senior portrait location in Mobile, AL?

Senior portraits are such a milestone. They really do capture a snapshot of a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Choosing the perfect location for your senior portraits is all about capturing your unique personality and style. Mobile, AL is such a beautiful historic city, full of unique and beautiful locations. Here are in my opinion, the top 5 locations in and around the Mobile area, plus an honorable mention, to consider for your senior portrait session.

Senior Portriats | Downtown Mobile, AL | April Grayson Photography

5. Springhill College

You just can’t beat a street lined with beautiful live oaks. The great thing about Springhill College is the variety of locations to shoot. Walkways, golf courses, under the oaks, and archways, it is a great option when it comes to senior portraits. The main problem with Springhill is it can be busy, and shooting around other passersby or other photographers doing portrait sessions is very common. Because of its popularity, Springhill does now request that you email them to schedule your portrait session.

4. Mobile Japanese Gardens

This is also a great little location to shoot. There are boardwalks, walkways, stairs, and streams to all take advantage of. Depending on the time of year, there can be beautiful lush greenery. Like Springhill though, it can sometimes be crowded and you will need to work around other photographers there for photoshoots. 

3. Bragg Mitchell Mansion

The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is one of Mobile’s most iconic antebellum homes, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich history. The grand columns, big front porch, and lush grounds provide a classic Southern charm that adds sophistication to your portraits. This location is perfect for those looking to incorporate a touch of history and elegance into their senior photos. The “Bragg” must be contacted in advance to schedule a photo shoot. So, it's important to schedule your session early.

2. Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is such a beautiful whimsical little island. From the beach to the rolling dunes, to the rock jetties, to the meandering paths of the bird sanctuary..each location is a little different from the next, which can give your gallery a variety of unique looks.

1. Downtown Mobile

Downtown Mobile tops our list with its vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. There is always somewhere different to shoot downtown. From historic buildings and colorful murals to live oaks, and the Mobile skyline, downtown Mobile offers endless possibilities for unique and dynamic senior portraits. The mix of urban charm and historical landmarks ensures your photos will be as lively and diverse as the city itself.

Honorable Mention...Downtown Fairhope

Just a short drive from Mobile, Fairhope, Alabama, is a charming town with a quaint downtown area, picturesque parks, and beautiful waterfront views. The scenic Fairhope Pier and the lovely flower-lined streets provide a perfect setting for capturing your senior portraits in a quaint and picturesque environment.

No matter which location you choose, the Mobile area offers a wealth of stunning backdrops to make your senior portraits truly unforgettable. From its parks to its beaches to its downtown urban skyline..There is a backdrop to fit everyone's own personal sense of style.

I hope this helped to give you a little inspiration as to where you might like to take your senior portraits!! Whenever you are ready to schedule your senior portraits, please feel free to shoot me an email ( or fill out my contact form HERE, and we will get you on your way to some beautiful senior portraits!!!


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