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What Season is Best for Senior Portraits?

Are you trying to decide what season is best for senior portraits?

There are pros and cons to any season when it comes to senior portraits and it really depends on your personality,  the “vibe” or look you’re going for, and your availability. Just keep in mind, that all seasons can yield beautiful portraits. Each season can offer a unique backdrop, to complement your senior’s personality and personal sense of style. While the overall “look” may differ with the season, remember it is the senior we’re photographing, not the landscape. We want their natural beauty and personality to shine through no matter what the backdrop may be.

Summertime Portraits

Summertime portraits, tend to have a young, carefree vibe. The hustle and bustle of school and the busyness of senior year haven't fully set in yet. Combine that with the longer days, and summer portraits tend to feel a little less hectic and not so rushed. Many seniors opt to do senior portraits in the summertime so they already have their portraits for any announcements, ads, invitations, etc. they may need. Yearbook ads are typically due close to the beginning of the school year, and if you would like to have one of your senior portraits included in your ad, be sure to schedule them at least 4-6 weeks before any deadlines.

Fall Senior Portraits

Fall’s rich colors with its changing leaves can create warm and cozy images. The weather has started to turn a little cooler, which makes sessions outside a little more comfortable, and the ability to wear layers gives your images dimension and interest. Fall can sometimes get hectic with sports and the holidays. So, booking in advance is definitely recommended. Some parents are already gearing up for Christmas and would like to give pictures as gifts and in this case, sessions need to be done by October or early November. Fall also tends to be one of my busiest times and dates book up fast.

Winter Senior Portraits

Winter may be cold, but it has its own unique charm when it comes to senior portraits. Bundling up in layers and fun accessories like scarves and hats, can give a cozy, warm vibe to images that just can’t be accomplished in the summertime or even the fall (especially down south where it can still be warm in the fall). One downside to the winter is the shorter days. Most portraits are taken either two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset to take advantage of the best lighting. Shorter days can sometimes make scheduling around school and events or holidays, difficult. Winter break can be a good time to schedule your portraits, but those dates are limited, and book up fast.

Spring Senior Portraits

Springtime is a beautiful season, and portraits tend to be more vibrant with blossoming flowers and fresh greenery. Many seniors opt to do theirs during spring for that very reason. However, do keep in mind that, depending on how late in the school year you have your portraits done, you may not be able to get your pictures back in time for things like invitations or graduation announcements. I would suggest having your portraits done no later than March, and even then depending on your photographer, you are cutting it close. For those high school juniors who are trying to get a “jump” on their busy senior year, spring of their junior year can be a good option, especially if springtime is their preferred season.

Each season really does have its own “vibe” offering unique opportunities to create once-in-a-lifetime memories of such an important time in your life. Whichever season you choose really depends on your own personal preferences. Do you have a season/style you prefer? Do you need to have portraits done by a certain deadline? Are you planning on giving portraits as Christmas gifts? Do you need to have invitations or announcements made? What does your schedule look like? Is it jam-packed with activities in the fall? You may want to consider having summer portraits taken. Is springtime too late...Do you need your images before then? You may want to consider having images done in the fall.. So many things to consider!

Just remember, beautiful images can be created no matter the season. Senior portraits are all about the beauty and uniqueness of the individual and creating images that reflect your personality is the overall goal. 

How Far in Advance To Schedule Your Senior Portraits

I always recommend scheduling your senior portraits 3-4 months in advance.  It is so important to plan ahead! Be sure you schedule your portraits in enough time to get the edited images back before any deadlines.

Let's Connect!!

Once you decide which season is best for your senior portraits, it's time to reach out! You can contact me HERE or my email at I can't wait to hear from you!!


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